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Building Restoration

At Gravity we work with our clients to extend a structures useful life while reducing its overall expenditure. Gravity provides a practical and sustainable approach to re-fit and restoration projects on all types of buildings and structures. We design for the long-term, providing clients with maintenance strategies prolonging the life, and minimizing the maintenance cost of their valued structures.

Building investigation

Gravity understands and is able to provide professional assessment of all types of buildings and structures. Using visual and intrusive, non-destructive and destructive investigative means, we are able to accurately determine the condition of these structures and pin-point problem areas.

Building design

Once the condition of the structure has been determined, and problem areas identified, Gravity works with our clients to provide practical and cost effective solutions to meet their needs, budgets, and objectives. Gravity provides recommendation for, and design of, repair and maintenance strategies, for each structure and client individually; as the needs for each are seldom the same.

Building implementation

At Gravity, we continually provide tendering, contract administration services, and construction review throughout the building/structural restoration process. We assist our clients in maintaining a free flow of information between the contractor and owner. Gravity can provide a full turnkey approach to restoration projects from design of repairs to sign-off of final construction.

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