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3D Laser Scanning and BIM Development

Whether for creating simple space plans, mapping complex mechanical, or capturing full building data, Gravity is able to provide 3D laser scanning to capture the exact size, shape, and location of most any building features. We are able to take these scans and produce 2D or 3D CAD drawings of the scanned locations.


We work with our Clients to ensure the 3D scanning, data collection, and end-use product is suitable for their needs and project goals.  

Facility management
On Site Scanning

Gravity is able to provide on site laser scanning of any type of building or space in order to collect existing data of both the interior and exterior of the building or space. 

Whether for a full warehouse, existing office space, or single mechanical room, we are able to provide 3D scanning to meet the need at hand. 

Account of Existing 

Gravity is able to provide accurate data on the location and visible condition of existing systems based on laser measurements and high definition 360° photos taken during the 3D laser scan. 

This data can be used for determining 

locations of new services, structural members, architectural features, pre-construction surveys, 360° photographic walk-thrus, etc.

BIM Development

Gravity is able to take 3D scans from site and convert the point cloud information into a Autodesk REVIT file where existing features can be reviewed and modeled in their 3 Dimensional location. 

From this, Gravity is able to provide accurate existing information in 2D and 3D format for manipulation and creation of new proposed design drawings for any discipline. 

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