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Construction Management

At Gravity, whether our clients are at concept phase, ready to build or troubleshooting a problem, our innovative project leaders are able to provide on-time, on-budget completion to add value at every step of a project. Our project professionals excel in integration with client teams. We work with clients and stakeholders to manage all phases of construction to minimize occupancy costs, increase return on investment and improve sustainability.

Building investigation
Building investigation
Building investigation
Contract Management


Gravity is able to create and facilitate the use of all types of CCDC contracts for the procurement of construction work.  

Gravity is able to manage the contract from initial signing to the issuance of payment documents to approval of substantial completion. 

Schedule Management

For any project, we are able to provide schedule management to relay project activities, planned sequences, and timing of a project to its stakeholders.


At Gravity, our approach is a team process incorporating input from the client, architect, engineers, contractors, etc.  subcontractors. We provide in-situ monitoring, alteration, and comminution of the current state of the project schedule through the life of the project.

Construction Review


Gravity is able to provide review of construction to verify general conformity to the design drawings provided for construction.  

We are able to provide periodic reviews, full time construction monitoring, or video surveillance monitoring as required by the Client to ensure the appropriate project quality control measures are met. 

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