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Building Management

As engineers, Gravity is able to provide for the needs of each building it manages for its perspective owners. We work with our clients to plan and maintain the service life of each of our buildings and their respective asset.

Capital planning
Facility management
Capital Planning

Gravity is able to develop 5,10, and 20 year capital plans for its clients and their properties. Gravity can maintain and alter current capital plans as projects are completed, unplanned projects occur, and adapt capital plans to building performance and our clients budgetary requirements.

Facility Management

At Gravity, our integrated facility management professionals proactively measure and manage the performance of your buildings. We maximize the efficiency of your real estate staff, optimize your spend through strategic sourcing and reduce energy costs by lowering consumption. Gravity is able to allow clients to have a hands-off approach to their buildings on a day-to-day basis. 

Data management
Data Management

Gravity is able to create a proper database for key building assets for each building we manage. We will maintain and update databases on an ongoing basis keeping track of service life, warranty information, annual repair costs, and other essential information pertaining to roofs, mechanical equipment, and other key building assets.  

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