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Special Projects


At Gravity, we get involved with many different types of projects. We have built our company and maintained our relationships on the idea we can provide any service or product needed by our clients. Our adaptive approach to work allows us to provide a wide variety of engineering and non-engineering services and solutions to our current and prospective clients. 

Shop draw design
Shop Drawing Design


We continually work with steel fabricators and installers to produce top quality shop drawings for steel erection purposes. As structural engineers, we are able to understand design intent and provide detailed and accurate shop drawings for our clients.


We are also able to work with our structural steel fabricators to provide sound, economical, design options for approval of the designing engineer, which in turn can provide value and lower costs for our clients. 

Building demolition
Custom tool design build


At Gravity, we provide comprehensive structural engineering services related to building demolition such as, pre-demolition surveys, drawings and specifications for permit, contract documents for tender, contact administration, and review of demolition. Much of these requirements are laid out in detail by Professional Engineers Ontario. 

Custom Tool Design Build


Gravity designs and builds custom tooling and complex assemblies for manufacturers of industrial, consumer and railway products. At Gravity, our engineering staff has the capability to carry a tool design project from concept, planning, 3D solid modeling, stress analysis, engineering drawings to technical documentation through the manufacturing of a fully engineered tool or fixture.


In addition to our design and engineering capabilities we have the ability to build what we design. Together with our partnered tool & die company, we are able to manufacture our customer tools on time and on budget. 

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