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Structural Engineering

Gravity Engineering Inc. has extensive experience in structural engineering. Together, our team of engineers and drafters consistently develop innovative structural solutions that meet and surpass client expectations.

Structural design

Our range of design capabilities includes many structural systems; structural steel, cast-in-place concrete, light-gauge steel, wood frame and masonry structures.


We understand how structures interact with their surroundings. We believe our structural solutions not only meet structural requirements of the project, but also incorporate architectural objectives, functional requirements and accommodate the needs of the other engineering and construction disciplines.


At Gravity, we are capable of completing projects with AUTOCAD and REVIT (BIM) softwares. Our diverse drafting capabilities allows us to better accommodate the needs of our clients while maintaining speed and quality of service. We are able to tailor our drafting processes for the requirements of specific projects and clients.

Structural damage review
Damage Review

We are able to review and assess areas of visible or perceived deterioration and provide professional opinion for necessary repairs, budgetary costs, and timelines for such repairs. 


If repairs require structural design and detailing, Gravity is able to provide complete necessary design and produce detailed drawings to contractors for completion of such repairs.

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